zodiac pro 5.5

Zodiac pro 5.5 

The Zodiac Pro 5.5 is a model of rigid inflatable boat (RIB) manufactured by Zodiac Nautic, a well-known company specializing in inflatable boats that isover 120 year old French companey . Zodiac is also the inverter of the inflatable boat and still is the market leader .  The Zodiac Pro 5.5 is a versatile and durable boat designed for a variety of applications, including recreational boating, water sports, fishing, and professional use.

Here are some key features of the Zodiac Pro 5.5:

  1. Size and Capacity: The Pro 5.5 has a length of 5.5 meters (18 feet) and can accommodate a maximum number of people depending on the seating configuration. It typically has a capacity of around 10 passengers.

  2. Hull Design: The boat features a rigid hull made of high-quality materials   fiberglass Hull , providing stability and durability even in rough water conditions.

  3. Inflatable Tubes: One of the distinguishing features of RIBs is the inflatable tubes that surround the hull. These tubes enhance buoyancy, stability, and shock absorption, making the boat highly maneuverable and suitable for various water activities.

  4. Wth Zodiac Patented "pro " system enabaling the tubes to slide on and off if ever the tubes need to be replaced .

  5. Console and Seating: The Zodiac Pro 5.5 typically comes with a central console that houses the steering and control systems, as well as additional seating for passengers. The layout may vary depending on the specific configuration and model.

  6. Outboard Motor: Fitted with a 100 HP Honda . 

  7. Storage and Equipment: The Pro 5.5 usually provides storage compartments for gear, equipment, and personal belongings. It may also come equipped with features like navigation lights, bilge pump, fuel tank, and other accessories depending on the configuration and optional extras chosen.

  8. Trailerable: The Pro 5.5 is typically lightweight and compact enough to be trailered, allowing for easy transportation to different water bodies.





Price: 79990 AUD
Price Base: 79990
Brand: Zodiac
Model: PRO 550
Length: 5.50 Meters
Year: 2023
Category: Inflatable Boats
Hull Type: Fibreglass
Hull Style: Single
Power Type: Power
Type Of Sales: Dealer
Engine Make:
Engine Type: out board
Condition: New
State: New South Wales
Stock Number: pro 5.5
Registration Number: new
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