Scarab 215 HO

The Scarab 215 HO is a popular jet boat model known for its versatility and performance in water sports, especially wakeboarding. Let's break down some of the key features and details based on the information you provided:

  1. Make and Model: Scarab 215 HO

  2. Year: 2017

  3. 130 hours 

  4. Engine: Twin 250 horsepower Rotax motors. Rotax is a well-known brand for producing marine engines, and the 250 horsepower engines provide ample power for water sports activities like wakeboarding.

  5. Jet Boat: Unlike traditional propeller-driven boats, jet boats use a jet propulsion system, which offers several advantages for water sports, including shallow water capabilities, improved safety around swimmers, and reduced risk of propeller-related accidents.

  6. Wakeboarding: The Scarab 215 HO is well-suited for wakeboarding due to its power and design. Wakeboard towers and other wake-specific features may be included, allowing riders to catch and ride the boat's wake for tricks and jumps.

  7. Full House Options: This likely refers to the boat being equipped with a wide range of features and amenities. Some of the typical options found on a well-equipped jet boat include premium audio systems, marine-grade upholstery, ample storage, swim platforms, and wakeboarding ballest system , wake skate systems and  more.

  8. Versatility: Jet boats like the Scarab 215 HO are often praised for their versatility, allowing owners to enjoy a variety of water activities, such as wakeboarding, waterskiing, tubing, cruising, and more.

Please note that specific features may vary depending on the boat's trim level and optional packages installed. If you're considering purchasing a used boat like this, it's essential to thoroughly inspect the boat's condition and consult with the seller or a marine expert to ensure you're getting a well-maintained watercraft.




Price: 89990 AUD
Price Base: 89990
Brand: Scarab
Model: 215 HO
Length: 21.00 Feet
Year: 2017
Category: Bowrider
Hull Type: Fibreglass
Hull Style: Single
Power Type: Power
Type Of Sales: Dealer
Engine Make:
Engine Type: rotax
Condition: Used
State: New South Wales
HIN Number: USPSBSC105C717
Stock Number: SCARAB 215 RED
Registration Number: akb848n